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Touring Caravan Insurance

Insurance for your touring caravan and contents whilst in the UK and Europe.

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Insurance for your static caravan and contents when sited in the UK.

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Insurance for your Motorhome or Campervan whilst in the UK and Europe.

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Insurance for your park home and contents when sited in the UK.

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Insurance for your leisure home and contents when sited in the UK.

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Caravan insurance is a sound investment for peace of mind. Why worry about your caravan on holiday when all you want to do is relax?

When summer rolls around and you excitedly book time off work for a break, don’t forget to consider taking out some good caravan insurance. With increasing rates of caravan theft and vandalism, you want to make sure you are covered for this and every other eventuality. Even though you are sure to have a wonderful time, there are many things that could go wrong, from the caravan blowing over on the motorway, to damage caused by weather (it is Britain after all).

These are some reasons why you should consider purchasing caravan insurance before you venture on holiday.

Caravan Insurance – Check your Policy

Many people believe they don’t need caravan insurance for their touring model because it is covered under their car insurance. What they might not realise is that the insurance may only be valid for when the caravan is attached to the vehicle, and not, for example, when left alone at a campsite. To prevent a nasty holiday headache, double-check your policy, and consider taking out specialist caravan insurance to ensure your mobile holiday home is protected at all times in all circumstances.

Caravan Insurance - Beat the Thieves

The main reason for ensuring you have full-cover caravan insurance is to take into account the increasing levels of caravan theft. There is nothing more disheartening than leaving your caravan unattended whilst you go to visit a site of interest, only to find it gone on your return. It gets worse when you check your insurance policy to find you weren’t covered because the caravan wasn’t being towed! Prevent this disaster happening to you by taking out caravan insurance and taking every possible security measure while you’re away.

Caravan Insurance – Protection from the Elements

Another misfortune that can easily befall British holidaymakers is being struck by freak weather. No one could forget the flash floods in Cornwall a few years ago, and the amount of loss and damage they caused. If you don’t have full caravan insurance, and your touring or static caravan is damaged by extreme weather, then you could be facing costly repairs – or may even have to buy a replacement caravan. Don’t take the risk – check your caravan insurance.

Caravan Insurance – In case of Accidents

Unfortunately an incident is all too easy in a caravan, whether it’s being blown over on the motorway or being involved in a pile-up. You may even incur small dents from minor accidents, such as in busy car holiday car parks. It would be such a shame to have your holiday ruined by realising that your existing policy doesn’t cover you for such eventualities, so give yourself peace of mind by taking out specialist caravan insurance.

Looking for Caravan Insurance? Try is the site to visit if you are looking for caravan insurance. With a range of financial promotions for firms who provide Caravan Insurance, simply visit our advertisers websites to find out what each insurance policy covers and you are bound to find a product that suits you, whether you have a static or touring caravan. Don’t take any chances with the safety of your caravan – try today.

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