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Static Caravan Insurance - Bank Holiday Break-ins

Take precautions to make sure you comply with your static caravan insurance policy.

Many caravanners choose to make use of their vans over a bank holiday weekend. For static caravan owners, it’s a good opportunity to have a few days away before the summer rush starts and to make sure everything’s in order – particularly if you rent your static caravan to other holiday makers during the year. Now’s the time to make sure your static caravan insurance is up to date.

Static caravan insurance protection

Whilst a static caravan park will undoubtedly become busier over a bank holiday weekend, don’t assume that thieves will stay away. A busier site means more cover for a break-in and it also means that there may be more to steal. Caravan owners leave their vans securely locked when they’re away, and take all valuables out, but when you’re staying for the weekend, you’re bound to bring electrical goods with you and your money and car keys will also be tempting. Make sure that you check your caravan’s security measures and keep all precious items out of site or locked away. Most theft is opportunistic, so if you take all these normal precautions, you shouldn’t be faced with a claim on your static caravan insurance.

Up-to-date static caravan insurance

Whether your policy is coming up from renewal or you renewed a few months ago, it’s still worth digging out your static caravan insurance policy to check your cover. You may have improved your van or added to its contents. Perhaps you’ve stepped up your security measures, or your site has changed owners and new security is in place. All of these things can have an impact on your static caravan insurance, so it’s best to double check now, before you need to make a claim and discover you don’t have the cover you thought you did. It’s an easy job to adjust your insurance policy, or to find a new one if you’re not happy with the level of cover you have at the moment.

Static caravan insurance from

We specialise in helping you to find the right static caravan insurance policy for your needs. All our brokers and insurance providers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, so you can be sure that your interests are put first. You can compare quotes online for both static and touring caravan insurance and talk to the broker or provider direct when you’re ready to buy.

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