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Static Caravan Insurance – Protecting Your Possessions

Static caravan insurance covers your loss, but it's always better to have your possessions returned.

If you're renewing your static caravan insurance or you're buying for the first time, you need to make an accurate assessment of the value of your contents. Just like home insurance, your premium will be calculated on the value of your possessions. It's important that you re-assess the value of your belongings on a regular basis so that your static caravan insurance gives you the best coverage.

Protecting your static caravan

Insurance is vital for static caravan owners, because they can be the target of thieves who want easy access and easy pickings. If you have items like televisions, hi-fi equipment, mobile phones, electronic items, bikes and other possessions in your caravan, these should all be covered by your static caravan insurance and should they be stolen, you can put in a claim for their loss. There are ways you can protect your possessions, however, and you may be able to deter thieves and lower your premiums in the process.

Marking your possessions

Police forces across the country recover large amounts of stolen goods during their investigations. Items that have been specially marked can be returned to their owners straight away. There are several ways of marking your possessions and if you do so, and inform your static caravan insurance provider, you may find that stolen items can be returned to you soon after they are discovered:

  • UV pens – this is a popular way of marking valuable property. Invisible until seen under UV light, you can mark your property so that it can be easily identifiable as yours. Standard police advice is to use your postcode and plot number, which will identify the caravan park and where you are. The police can cross-reference these details with your burglary report and return your possession to you.
  • Etching – for items such as televisions, hi-fis, mobile phones and other property that is hard-wearing, etching is a good form of identification. Unlike the invisible UV, etching is clearly visible, so thieves know that the property is marked, which can make it more difficult to sell on. If you have made a claim on your static caravan insurance and your property is recovered, you just need to contact your insurance provider and they will help to sort things out.
  • Precious items – UV and etching are obviously out of the question for items such as jewellery. Whilst your static caravan insurance provider may require you to keep your jewellery in a locked safe or other secure place, it's still worth taking additional precautions. Taking photographs of each piece, for example, and writing a description of them is a good way to record your precious items. Make sure you keep the information somewhere safe – with a family member perhaps – so you can find them in the event of a burglary. Remember that particularly valuable items should be specified on your static caravan insurance or you may not be fully covered.

Finding static caravan insurance

If you want to make sure your property is well protected, make sure you choose the right static caravan insurance. Use a specialist broker from the links on our site and compare cover and premium. Look for ways to increase your security and reduce your static caravan insurance costs, whilst also making your life easier.

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